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Award-winning Nanogrande Corp., acclaimed experts in the field of 3D-printing, and serial entrepreneur Gary Oberman have recently joined forces to form NanoVenti Corp., inventors of the world’s first truly transparent, reusable, and washable face mask.

The company’s patent-pending technology combines antimicrobial metal nanotube filters and state-of-the-art polymers to facilitate scale production of its proprietary N99 and N95 face masks for personal or professional use. Leveraging Nanogrande’s deep knowledge in the metals additive industry, Nanoventi has been able to co-develop nanometer-sized filtration materials used at the heart of the filtration platform. This breakthrough will render disposable rivals virtually obsolete.

The Nanomask © design is based on a washable, transparent polymer that delivers unrivaled safety and comfort. The reusable design virtually eliminates environmental waste. “The wearing of non-transparent masks has triggered a plethora of both security and social concerns which our technology addresses by returning the face to public sight, balancing the equation of what might now be considered the new normal.” says co-founder Gary Oberman.

The average civilian uses approximately 20 disposable masks per month while the average front-line medical worker may consume as many as seven N95 masks per day, which cost governments and taxpayers billions in disposable waste. The Nanoventi platform represents a massive saving across the life cycle of the product.
The primary shell of the face mask is made from a soft or semi-rigid rubber polymer which can be color-tuned or left without pigment to produce a high level of transparency. The face mask design incorporates a filtration platform based on nano-sized metals or traditional fibers, depending on the application. The civilian face mask, named “The Droplet”, can be cleaned using common hand soaps while the surgical face mask can be sterilized using cold-wash hydrogen peroxide solutions such as CS20.

The soft rubber seal and overall feel of the mask eliminate skin abrasion and address consumer discomfort, the leading complaint related to disposable and reusable masks. The downward venting mechanics and anti-fog ingredient prevent eyeglass and facial fogging. The advanced ergonomics of the design produce a snug fit and very comfortable breathing space, eliminating the sense of claustrophobia, commonly experienced by face mask users.

The acoustically-optimized design and clear transparency permit facial scans and facilitate phone calls without the need to touch or remove the mask. The raw materials are abundant and locally sourced. As well, production is carried out in North America, ensuring consistent supply chain and quality assurance.

The Nanoventi face mask is now available for pre-order. The company expects to be in full production by December 10th.
Please e-mail for more information or call toll-free: +1 866 927 4660

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