Complex solutions for a demanding world

General Population Social Reintegration

In a world where social distancing and remote video sessions have become the norm its becoming increasingly difficult to adjust to wearing masks in public and maintaining social chemistry.  Its a curious phenomena to guess when someone is smiling!  Losing a smile is a tell we can’t eliminate without impacting our social chemistry.  Transparent masks will restore social order in this regard.

Airport and Aviation Security

With growing concerns around public safety in the Aviation sector, many security groups rely heavily on Artificial intelligence based facial recognition to help identify human security targets.  The advent of Covid19 and the dawning of non-transparent masks has lead to significant challenges within the current security infrastucture effecting both airports and passengers alike.  Concerned patrons need to know who they are sitting next to on planes and airports have to know who is clearing security checkpoints.  A transparent mask will eliminate all these issues.

Medical Environments

The general population is looking at medical practitioners as saviours in dire times.  We have witnessed doctors taking photocopies of their faces and taping them to their masks to help patients identify with a face and not just a voice.  A transparent mask will bring the person back to the face.

Retail Services

After spending months in quarantine, certain countries are now re-opening for business.  Populations are doing their best to interact in meaningful ways.  Corporations are imposing safety policies that invariably include mask usage.  Social culture is getting lost amongst both employees and their patrons when their face’s can’t be seen.


As the world tries to re-open, governments are starting to impose mandatory mask laws which will commit entire populations to a state of pseudo phantomhood.  We won’t know who is sitting next to us, who we are talking to or who is walking in the park.

Global Waste

Globally the disposable mask industry is contributing millions of tons of non-degradeable plastic waste into the environment which is destroying our oceans and clogging our waste management infrastructure.  Our re-usable, washable masks last for years and will not contribute to global waste.

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