Complex solutions for a demanding world

The Journey

This pioneering breakthrough starts at the engineering labs of Nanoventi’s sister company Nanogrande corp.  It’s team of award winning researchers and scientists have developed a process that is deeply rooted at the intersection of additive manufacturing and nanotechnology. Nanogrande’s proprietary process facilitates the manipulation of nano and micromaterials to ultimately form a perfect anti-microbial surface that is extremely robust and safe to use.  Getting around the challenge of producing a reusable high accuracy filter material that could withstand the harshness of sterilants such as Hydrogen Peroxide or high temperature is no longer an issue!

Determine the formulation of metals and additives required to form the welded finished filter material. Supporting N95 or greater particle filtration is a pre-requisite.


Surface image obtained with scanning electron microscope. Scale at 100 micron resolution.

Take advantage of the NanoGrande MPL-1 3D Nano printing technolgy to mass produce nano meter precise filter material.


NanoGrande nanometer patented 3D printer


NanoGrande nanometer patented 3D printer

Manufacturing of the nano metal material.

Filter material 150 times magnification

Finished filter material at 1 times magnification

Bonding the finished filter material to the polymer frame.

Finished filter and frame

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